Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News Flash: Obama Won Texas

CNN Political Ticker:Caucus win gives Obama more Texas delegates than Clinton

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has won the Texas Democratic caucuses and will get more delegates out of the state than his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who won the state's primary, according to CNN estimates.

Under the Texas Democratic Party's complex delegate selection plan, Texas voters participated in both a primary and caucuses on March 4. Two-thirds of the state's 193 delegates were at stake at the primary, while the remaining third were decided by the caucuses.....

After a comprehensive review of these results, CNN estimates that Obama won more support from Texas caucus-goers than Clinton. Based on the state party's tally, Obama's caucus victory translates into 38 national convention delegates, compared to 29 for Clinton.

The conventional wisdom was that Clinton "had to win" both Texas and Ohio "decisively" to avoid having to leave the race. So when's she dropping out? And do you think we'll be seeing the "Obama Got More Delegates" story get front page play? Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny?


Jim Winter said...

I'll believe we'll see that about as much as I believe two weeks of marriage counseling and an appearance on OPRAH will help Eliot Spitze's career.

Phoebe Fay said...

Here's her latest response: "If Barack Obama cannot reverse his downward spiral with a big win in Pennsylvania, he cannot possibly be competitive against John McCain in November."

His "downward spiral." Damn that woman must have steel balls the size of Texas to say this crap. How does increasing his lead over her in delegates, raw votes and states won count as a downward spiral by any definition?

JD Rhoades said...

Hopefully, Obama will ask just that question. He's been pretty good with the snappy responses.

Anonymous said...

At this time (March 12), the caucus delegates are 31 Obama, 27 Clinton with 41% of precincts reporting. There are still 9 caucus delegates remaining to be determined. The delgates from the popular (non-caucus) election were 61 Obama, 65 Clinton. Official results won't be in until March 29. There was an article in today's Austin American-Statesman. (link to article)

Josephine Damian said...

So when's she dropping out?

Not soon enough, I'm afraid. It's going to be a long, hot summer if she wins PA.