Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Blog for B.C. !

Over at Lesa's Book Critiques, Lesa Holstine tells how her husband Jim came home talking about BREAKING COVER:

Jim recommends J.D. Rhoades' standalone thriller, Breaking Cover. He said, "What happens when an honest undercover FBI agent infiltrates a biker gang, and is forced to become a rogue agent because of an informant in the FBI?"

Breaking Cover is a fast-paced pageturner. According to Jim, it's hard to put down. It's a must-read for thriller fans.

There's more, so please check it out and show these nice folks some blog-love!

Thanks to Jim and Lesa!

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Lesa said...

J.D. - Jim will be so pleased when he sees this on your blog. He's back at the coffee shop right now, reading another book he thinks is terrific. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it is right now. That's his getaway place to sit and read good thrillers.

He usually doesn't come home and say I want to recommend a book, though, the way he did for yours.