Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doesn't Hawaii Have an Anti-Stalking Law?

Obama sees movie, has popcorn.. -

The RNC, hoping against hope that Obama will get in some windsurfing on his vacation, is keeping close tabs on the Democrat as he enjoys some time off in Hawaii.

They just sent over this bulletin: "The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports Barack Obama ate popcorn and watched the 3:40 showing of the Dark Knight in theater 9 yesterday."

Seeing a summer action flick and eating popcorn is hardly elitist, but wait, there is more.

Obama has said, the RNC hastens to note, that Batman and Spiderman are his favorite superheroes, citing their "inner turmoil."

Ahh, there it is.

OMFG! Barack Hussein Obama not only SAW the most popular movie in the country, he actually UNDERSTOOD it! He's obviously FAR too elitist for America.

This is really getting pathetic.


Charlie Stella said...

" he enjoys some time off in Hawaii."

One point might be that he's in Hawaii and most Americans can't afford to visit Coney Island (or Disneyworld) anymore, much less fly to Hawaii.

He might've been better off seeing it in Chicago (where he won his congressional seat by ousting the incumbents on technicalities such as the number of "valid signatures" (to include those printed vs. written in script) on their petitions for office (a CNN fact), which many people probably aren't aware of ... which kind of ruins that "all inclusive" image.

Now, before you counterattack, remember I'm for the guy (only because the Reps just don't deserve another four years--and nothing to do with any real confidence in Obambi; just a total disappiontment with how badly Bush did). I think it'll be good for the country if "he" (Obambi) is elected, but he sure better deliver because that majority Dem Congress & Senate (which has proven itself useless so far) won't give him much of an excuse if he doesn't.

As for the Democrats ... well, they lost me ten years ago and haven't come remotely close to getting me back. I want Obambi to win in spite of his party.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And that surprises you?

JD Rhoades said...

You do know he's from there, right? That's where his grandmother lives. Should the guy not go to his home state to visit grandma because other people can't get there?

Hell, I like Chicago just fine, but if I was originally from Hawaii and had family there, I'd be there every chance I got.

Charlie Stella said...

In fact I do know he's from there (right) ... the point is he's supposedly a Senator from Illinois running for President and trying to shed an elitist image (whether you and I agree with that image or not). So far he seems pretty much business as usual to me (as far as that change thing goes) ... all I'm suggesting is he might wanna try the bowling routine again (maybe in Hawaii while he's there) rather than sip a few cool ones on the sands of an expensive vacation spot.

And I have to wonder how often he's visited "where he's from" prior to running for President ... something tells me not very often at all.

Bill Cameron said...

It doesn't matter what a Democrat does. Democrats are "elitists" because Cokie Roberts and the rest of the Kewl Kids of Nooz say so. If Obama had gone to Chicago, they would have found another way to get into a snit about his alleged elitism. Probably, "If he wasn't such an elitist phony, he would have gone to a real vacation destination, like Hawaii."

As for how many times the mysterious ether tells you he's gone to Hawaii, what does that have to do with anything? He took a vacation to a pretty common destination, not least because he has a personal connection there.

Charlie Stella said...

I guess you have an answer for it all, brother. I was making a suggestion. Knock yourself out convincing yourself what the right thinks about Democrats, but if you're suggesting Hawaii is a pretty common destination, well ... you make their point.

JD Rhoades said...

I guess you have an answer for it all, brother.

And it's a correct one.

Hey, The Brady Bunch went there, and you don't get more middle American that that!

Charlie Stella said...

Take a bow ... you've convinced yourself! How have we survived without you?

JD Rhoades said...

It's a mystery.

Charlie Stella said...


David said...

I see it as a sort of "twofer". First, he takes a family vacation in a place where he has family. Second, he says he wants to campaign in all 50 states, so when he comes off vacation-mode, he can campaign in Hawaii because he'll already be there.

David said...

Oh, and I agree with Bill Cameron that the Kewl Kidz would find something to bash him for no matter where he went or what he did while there.

Indiana Joe said...

You got that right. If he walked on water, the headlines would read, "OBAMA CAN'T SWIM".

Bill Cameron said...

If the Dems nominated the homeless guy I saw today eating out of a trash can downtown, the MSM would attack him for refusing to each the maggot-encrusted, half-eaten burger he discarded.

"Maggots Not Good Enough for Dem Nominee!" trumpets the Washington Post.

"Maggotgate, Sunday on Meet The Press."


Caveat said...

I'm a Canuck, but -

Why is Hawaii such a big deal all of a sudden? It's not as expensive as New York.

What I find puzzling about all this fabricated 'elitist' stuff, aside from the fact that if you compare Obama with McCain it's no contest, is this:

Shouldn't somebody running for President of the country be somewhat, er, I don't know, elite?

elite: A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: “In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them” (Times Literary Supplement).
The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team's elite.
A size of type on a typewriter, equal to 12 characters per linear inch."

OK, maybe not the last one but seriously, do people want Archie Bunker leading the country (again)?

Wouldn't you rather have someone smooth, intelligent, educated, traveled and diplomatic? Um, somebody who doesn't need the money?

Stacey Cochran said...


Elitism in the U.S. is a pejorative. Down here on the farm, we like our national politicians populists...

unless, of course, they can't keep there dicks in their pants like the two biggest populist politicians of the past fifteen years.

Bill Cameron said...

Two years ago, I was one of the approximately 5,000,000 elitist Americans who left behind my 950 square foot mansion and was taken by my driver (my daugher, in our Civic) to the airport, whence I journeyed to Hawaii for a five-day vacation with my wife and child. Several times during my elistist sojourn to the exclusive island enclave known only as "Honolulu," I partook of such extravagences as "beer", "reading a novel" on the "beach," and that mysterious Hawaiian delicacy whispered of among the elite: "shaved ice." I also went to the ridiculous expense of renting my own private vehicle (a Ford Focus) so as to drive my family around the island. We visited Pearl Harbor and the war memorial there, and while we reflected solemnly on the sacrifice of those who died there, everyone knew we were faking because we're elitist "libruls." We have sense returned from our vacation, and it's even possible we've paid it off by now, though who can tell, the way credit cards are.

JD Rhoades said...

Bill: You are now ineligible to be President. And you would have been so good at it, too!

Gerard said...

Didn't he grow up in Hawaii as well?

As a Man of the People I vacationed in Kansas and interacted with the Common Man by attending a "car show", drinking "beer", and playing a "Wii".