Friday, August 29, 2008

Can We Get Back to Talking About Me Now?

Patricia Reid reviews Breaking Cover at

Highly recommended for readers who want a great story, a wonderful character and plenty of action.

check out the whole thing...

And thank you, Pat!


Patricia said...

You are welcome. I really enjoyed this new book but then I enjoyed all of your previous books so that wasn't a big surprise.

Now I'm waiting for the next book.



Anonymous said...

While we are talking about JD it should be known that Thursday at Bouchercon he has offered to buy drinks for everyone who mentions his book on a panel.

Bill Cameron said...

Oh, damn. My panel is on Friday. 'Course, I was planning on buying a drink for J.D.

Kristy Kiernan said...

Were it up to me, the only topic on anyone's lips, day or night, would be J.D. Rhoades and his unlimited talent and kindness.

I'm just saying.