Thursday, September 04, 2008

John McCain (Who Was a POW) Gets All Pissy

If you still think that John McCain Who Was a POW has the stable temperament required to be President, you need to have a look at this Interview with TIME magazine, where he responds to questions like a surly teenager.

And apparently, he's still furious over this interview, where CNN's Campbell Brown has finally had enough bullshit from McCain adviser Tucker Bounds and starts asking some real questions that he was woefully unprepared to answer. Honorable John Who Was a POW reportedly was so piqued, he cancelled an interview with the King of the Softbal Question himself, Larry King.

That'll show 'em!


Bill Cameron said...

My question: how come Republicans get to hate America?

Gerard said...

Republicans love America. They just hate you and all your freedom loving hippie friends.

They also probably hate horrible quality audio that is more static than interview. There is no way I am going to try listening to that all the way through.

Besides, McCain has always been known as a grouchy guy. The Arizona Republic would often write about it and McCain in turn stopped talking to them for a while. You'd be grouchy too if you were in a POW camp for several years and are now unable scratch your nose.

Charlie Stella said...

Oh, brothers, where's the love?

You guys on the left sound as angry as McCain is supposed to.

And you guys on the right, can't use the POW thing as an excuse for everything.

But how 'bout that Palinator? She's hot!

Gerard Saylor said...

Unfortunately for Palin her "hotness" is about all anyone can say about her.

Unless she kicks tail in her debate with Biden she's in trouble.

Charlie Stella said...

Not to worry. Whatever bump the Reps got from Palin last night will fall off the cliff tonight (McCain shouldn't be allowed near a podium ... or a speech).

Still, if Palin holds her own (in debates/Meet the Press, etc.), she might just win this thing (I don't count McCain because he can't win it without her).

And if Obambi wins, I can live with that ... not sure I can handle that Party having all 3 branches, but at least they won't have an excuse for doing nothing ... again.

pattinase (abbott) said...

This pretense that the Republicans represent the working people of American is driving me nuts. They may represent them on social programs but on every other issue they rep the top 2%.

L.J. Sellers said...

McCain is cranky because he sold out and he knows it and he no longer respects himself as much as he used to. And he still could lose.

Gerard Saylor said...

"With the selection of Sarah Palin he is a history breaker."

Charlie Stella said...

McCain totally sold out and he probably will lose ... but if he wins, a) it'll be because of Palin (if she doesn't self-destruct) and b) Hillary Clinton and the gutless Democratic Party that let her hang around just long enough to incite racism and form enough of a wedge in the party (and with independents) to look elsewhere.

And that's the irony of the Dems ... they do nothing (even to help themselves), never mind the middle class they claim they represent.