Friday, September 05, 2008

The Vice Presidential Nominee? Talk to the Press? Bitch, PLEASE!

McCain adviser Nicole Wallace openly mocks the idea of a candidate for Vice President even needing to talk to the press, apparently because questions about policy are JUST LIKE questions about Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

This is apparently part of a concerted strategy to deflect any and all legitimate questions by playing the Bristol Palin sympathy card. Yesterday on NPR's Diane Rehm show (which I was listening to in the car on the way to my own radio interview), McCain supporter Cleta Mitchell went absolutely ballistic when asked about the report that Sarah Palin had pressured a town librarian to ban books. Mitchell took off on an angry diatribe about the "media frenzy" of the last few days, and the "litany of the left wing blogs" that were trying to "destroy conservative females and conservative minorities."

I'm telling you, they're using this kid. First as blog bait, now as a shield from even legitimate questions. It's absolutely despicable.

Oh, and this video from Jon Stewart is a must-see as it points out how the Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouth, as well as their asses, on the Palins.


Gerard Saylor said...

I saw that clip from the Daily Show and immediately thought of this blog. This blog and all the dirty liberal hippies who read it.

The competing Karl Rove comments on mayoral experience are astounding.

Gerard Saylor said...

As an aside, I cannot stand Diane 'Gravel Voice' Rehm.

Sandra Ruttan said...

"This blog and all the dirty liberal hippies who read it."

Wow. Is this the "I can't address the issues so I'll just call people names" philosophy at work?

My baptism was in an Assemblies of God church and in Canada I've traditionally voted Conservative. I am a fiscal conservative.

But I am not impressed with Bush, McCain or Palin. And if Palin isn't prepared to deal with the media she should step aside. The leaders of Russia, China, Libya, Iran will not say, "Oh my gosh, you're a woman and you feel nervous under attack - we'll be nice." What's she going to do when she has her first international crisis to deal with - cry?

I live in this country now and I can't vote, but I'd like to see the US actually have leadership. And if questioning her ability to deal with the press, and her credentials (after all, McCain's been questioning Obama's credentials for over a year) makes me a dirty liberal hippy, then consider me a damn proud dirty liberal hippy. There's no big deal behind having a woman in power - Canada had a female prime minister years ago. But if we're really about equality we must agree there should be equal scrutiny, and more than anything else, Palin's unwillingness to be questioned and the feeling of the Republican Party that they must shelter her bothers me. If we want transparency in government there should be transparency in the campaign. It begins with the people being elected.

Charlie Stella said...

Am I mistaken, or is part of the title of this thread "Bitch, PLEASE!"

Talk about name calling ... hmmm, seems so redneckish ... you'd think it came from the far right ... but you'd be wrong, wouldn't you?

The left seems so angry of late ... why is that?

Bill Cameron said...

The real question is "why isn't the left, and everyone else, even angrier?" But concern-trolling wouldn't be concern-trolling without tsk-tsking about fully reasonable and justified responses to the world around us.

And, Sandra, I think gerard is going for wry, self-deprecating humor.

becky hutchison said...

I love Dianne Rehm, her substitute host Steve Roberts and the guests who appear on her talk show. IMO, it's nonbiased, informative, and addresses current issues fairly. And thanks for the link to the Jon Stewart clip. I was so glad to see his show highlight how talking heads so easily spin their opinions based on who and what they're supporting.

I'm also proud to be tagged a dirty liberal hippie. I too want a true leader for the US. One who isn't afraid of dealing with US or international issues and bigwigs...and particularly someone who will be respected worldwide, something we've lost in the last 8 years.

Charlie Stella said...


I assume you mean angrier regarding Obambi's choice of a "change" agent with all those years in the Senate (that same old Washington theme) ... the same senate as the candidate(s) themselves, the majority of which just spent the last two years playing with themselves ... or am I wrong?

JD Rhoades said...

Sandra: I'm pretty sure Gerard is being ironic.

Charlie: "Bitch, please," is a commonly used slang term these days, meaning "you can't be serious." As in, "you think I'm gonna let you borrow my car so you can go get drunk? Bitch, please!

A variant among the African American community is "Nigga, please!"

Hope this helps.

Rex Parker said...


a. you have some humorless readers, sadly
b. your blog is entertaining
c. you link to my blog, so I love you. I honestly love you.

All the best,

Charlie Stella said...

Just breaking your shoes (balls), JD ...

Rex: Take a shower.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Bill and JD, he may well have been. After the fact I thought about that, although that's always the risk with jokes and offhand remarks - if we don't know people we can take them at face value.

The question of why the left isn't angrier is a good question. Of course, my energy is invested in trying to figure out how the heck the electoral process works here. Forget the candidates, I'm just trying to understand how a few key states decide things for everyone.

And why is it a government with four major political parties as well as countless fringe parties that run in each election is so much easier for me to wrap my head around?