Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Think Progress » O’Reilly: The current ‘economic chaos…is the end of President Bush’s legacy.’

He’s done. He’s through. … He will now go down in history…as an ineffectual leader. And I’ll tell you the reason why, it’s poor leadership on his part. The people that he picked to run certain things have been disastrous. And no leadership and now Americans are getting hurt.

Congratulations, Papa Bear. You've just figured out what most of us have known for the last eight years.

Now how about a damn apology?


eviljwinter said...

The thing I've learned about O'Reilly is he's really Stephen Colbert. Only Stephen's audience requires a laugh track. O'Reilly, otoh, is the worst thing a wingnut can fear: One of their own secretly pissing on their legs and telling them it's raining.

And only now are the other wingnuts starting to realize that Papa Bear might have been kidding when he said that's where yellow snow comes from. (And that you should blame that flaming liberal, Frank Zappa.)

Gerard said...

I don't think Zappa was very liberal. I'd guess more libertarian.