Monday, February 09, 2009

Illiteracy Is a Terrible Thing

From the letters colum of The Pilot:

It appears Dusty Rhoades must have been "in an absolute frenzy of pants-wetting fear" himself when he wrote his usual finger-pointing baloney for Feb. 1. How else can he explain why he uses the same lame expression twice in the first four paragraphs?

Before he writes his column and before the paper prints it, maybe you could look for some facts:

Ali al-Shihri was released from Gitmo in 2007. The FBI suspects he helped plan last year's deadly bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital.

Abdullah Salim Ali al-Ajmi was released from Gitmo, and he turned around and blew up a police station in Iraq in a suicide mission.

These are just two of over 30 former Gitmo inmates who have resumed their terrorist activities.

The Gitmo inmates' complaints of cold meals, hard plastic soccer balls and paperback Qurans fall on mostly deaf ears.

Except for pansies like the ACLU, the media and whiners like Rhoades seem determined to put these terrorists back out on the street, no matter who they may kill next.

Curtis Richie

Whispering Pines

See, now if Curtis had actually been able to, you know, READ THE COLUMN, he might have recognized that the whole point was that terror suspects being moved to U.S. Prisons would NOT be "back out on the street". But since Curtis apparently has the reading comprehension of a scallop, the whole thing just goes past him.

And since Curtis also apparently can't remember who was President when, it doesn't seem to occur to him that the people he complains about being released to wreak more havoc were released by......the Bush Administration. Which sort of undercuts the whole argument that detainees should be kept or released purely at the whim of the Executive.

But you know, I'm glad Curtis keeps trying to read the column, even though he's apparently too dumb to understand it. I hope he can find the remedial reading help he apparently so desperately needs.


Tom Panek said...

Are we surprised? I can't begin to tell you the number of idiots who've told me that Obama is going to close Gitmo and release all the terrorists. ??? Where does that come from? It's not illiteracy, it's idiocy. It's endemic to the sheep who spout this crap. It doesn't matter what you tell them or what you write. It doesn't even matter that the Bushanistas created the problem and released those terrorists. When your head is shoved up your butt, all you see is...crap.

Dana King said...
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Dana King said...

Look on the bright side: The Pilot is obviously able to receive letters to the editor written in crayon.

Randy Johnson said...

These folks never learn. They just keep latching onto to one point, forget everything else you said, then twist the hell out of it. All the while not realizing how doofus they sound.... I'm trying to remain polite.

Curtis Richie said...

I read Dusty's moronic crap through to the end. I never said Obama let these clowns out. Bush made plenty of mistakes. Just as Obama looks to be doing now.

I could have stooped to calling Dusty dumb...but I didn't. And I can only guess that Dana speaks from experience on the crayon thing.

What I said was that releasing any of these terrorists would come back to haunt us, and it was a stupid thing to do.

You liberals love to act smug and call names...but the politics is hurting AMERICANS.

If you have read any of the other letters I have sent to Steve and the would know that I am an independent. Go check the records. Every letter I submit has asked AMERICANS to look at what is happening to their elected mostly liberal Democratic government since 2007...and to think about doing something before it's too late.

By the way Dusty...this dumb guy graduated from college...worked for himself for 22.5 years...and at 51 years of age has retired to a lovely area in Moore County to enjoy what years I have left. What a dummy, huh?