Saturday, February 14, 2009

CONTEST: Name That Security Firm!

AP: Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning its tarnished brand name as it tries to shake a reputation battered by oft-criticized work in Iraq, renaming its family of two dozen businesses under the name Xe.

The parent company's new name is pronounced like the letter "z." Blackwater Lodge & Training Center — the subsidiary that conducts much of the company's overseas operations and domestic training — has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc., the company said Friday.

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead. Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

I don't know. "Xe" just seems kind of flat and dull. I'm sure my Hellions can come up with a better name for the "tarnished" Blackwater.

How about:

Mercs R' Us
Pay N' Slay

Suggestions? Best one wins a paperback copy of SAFE AND SOUND.


Victor Gischler said...


C.L.J. said...

"Not Blackwater Enterprises, a divsion of TWU (That Wasn't US) Inc."

C.L.J. said...


Kieran Shea said...

The Polyandrion Group, LLC

Ali Karim said...

Hi Dusty - though not printable I'd saw they should rename them as an acronym - BOFW inc

Bunch of F++king Wank++s


coffee hero said...

Zesty Enterprises

Jerry House said...

The Dick Cheney Appreciation Society.

(WV is dedis, another good name for them)

Anonymous said...


Droewyn said...

Chillin' Villains

Rob said...


Caveat said...

Mayhem International

Corpses 'R We




Four Horsemen

925439 Delaware Limited

Jen Jordan said...

International Hitmen 'R Us

Death, Inc.

Killing For Dollars, Unlimited.

Gayle said...

How about: Killers R Us. With the R backwards of course.

Or MercEx: When it has to be killed overnight.

nathan singer said...

The Happy Laffy Smiletime Hug Patrol (a subsidiary of WarCrymes Inc)

David said...

Murder, Mayhem, and Mischief, LLC