Monday, February 16, 2009

"I’m Not Entirely Sure Where the GOP is Buying Its Drugs These Days...."

John Scalzi delivers the smackdown on the Republican talking point that Obama's "off to a bad start."

And lest you think this is just the work of some partisan, check out this great piece by Scalzi. Heck, check out the whole blog, and, of course, his books. He's always worth reading.


Dana King said...

Great piece, thanks for the referral.

My favorite is McCain's "generational theft" mantra. He's pushing for a tax cut that will eventually pile on much more debt than the stimulus he voted against, but that's tax cut debt. It doesn't effect future generations, I guess.

Yep, wherever they're getting, that's got to be some kick ass dope.

Kate Hathway said...

Those are great pieces, and the comments, especially Evil J Winters (from the first/newer piece) made me laugh so hard, I scared my dogs awake.

You always find such great stuff, JD, so thank you. :-)

Tom Panek said...

I know the answer! They get their drugs from RUSH!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn that Scalzi: he always gets the best posts up first.

Gerard said...

Tom, do they get their Caribbean prostitutes from Rush as well?

Tom said...

Only the boys, Gerard; the girls still come from the blonde harridan.