Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I Love Fords

Because they can survive collisions with small aircraft:

FIVE PEOPLE are lucky to be alive after a freak head-on crash involving a plane and a four-wheel-drive ute.

The light aircraft had just taken off from a South African runway when it plunged down towards a secluded road near Krugersdorp Airport, west of Johannesburg.

The Ford ute, carrying three people, was travelling in the opposite direction when the two-seater Piper Cherokee ploughed into it before bursting into flames, South African newspaper The Times reports.

Amazingly, no one was killed in the crash.

Pictures from the scene show the Piper demolished and burning, while only the engine bay of the ute appeared to be damaged.

Don't know if my Mustang could survive a head-on with a light plane, but it does go to show...Ford's  tough, baby!


pattinase (abbott) said...

I think my Fusion could do it.

Joseph said...

Hey -- I became much less snarky about Ford SUVs after hitting the 8-point buck north of Cairo, IL, while driving a friend's Expedition back from a con (the owners were in the back seat asleep; it was 2:30 am or so).

The tow-truck driver used the winch to pull the fender up off the wheel, and after cutting off a rubber piece that was still rubbing against the tire, we made it all the way back to Texas...