Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Socialized Medicine Horror Story

From the News & Observer:

WASHINGTON - Former GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole remained hospitalized Friday following leg surgery performed after he initially sought medical treatment for heart problems.

The former Senate majority leader has been at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington since last week when he experienced a "sharply" elevated heart rate in the middle of the night, a statement from his law firm Alston and Bird said Friday.

Doctors determined the 85-year-old Dole's heart is fine, but surgeons performed several procedures on his left leg that had open sores. Dole's legs are healing properly and a skin graft is planned for Monday if Dole's progress continues at its current pace, according to the law firm's statement.

The medical attention "has been painful, but I think I will be fine," Dole said in the statement.

"I am recovering nicely thanks to the great doctors, nurses and staff at Walter Reed. I have been coming to Walter Reed for over 40 years and I hope to be out by my birthday, July 22," Dole said in a statement.

But, you know, government run health care doesn't work.

So Bob Dole, that poor deluded fool, is obviously doomed.

Poor bastard.

Good luck, sir. You're going to need it in the hellhole that is socialized medicine.


David Terrenoire said...

It's always amazed me that the most ardent, pro-profit health care people are all in the socialized health care system.

How the fuck does that happen?

Anonymous said...

Why is it everytime a Republican whines about the possibility of universal healthcare and cites Canada as a disaster, a bunch of Canadians come out of the woodwork to call bullshit on that?

Every. Single. Time.

In all fairness, Canadians also told Michael Moore he was full of shit (No kidding! Wingnuts, meet the moonbat.) when he claimed those countries systems were perfect. (Best response was from a Britain. "Yes, I prefer our system, but has Mr. Moore ever BEEN to England?")

charlie stella said...

Hopefully the Democratic majority won't cave in yet again and give the health care industry what it wants ... because at this point, there's no one left to blame but those with the power to do something about it ... what they promised to do ... all that change and so on.

It was nice to see a Bob Dole quote bite his party on the ass again ... hopefully the Dems with the power to change health care in the U.S. read the same "Dole" quote and find the balls to defy the industry.

This is where Obambi (I go back to calling him this until he fights off those in his party who continue to vote a Republican line--the Bush Lightistas) can use his charisma and maybe take the issue to the people rather than back off yet again. He's got everything he needs to get it done. He's the guy who said he'd reach across party lines and change Washington. Okay, he doesn't even need to reach across party lines now. He needs to get HIS party in line.

Get it done.

Jim Hetley said...

Not to cry "Elitism!" or anything, but Sen. Dole's experience does not seem to reflect what I've heard from less illustrious veterans. I've never used our VA hospital -- there's only one in the whole State of Maine -- but long waits and crowded under-staffed facilities seem to predominate out here in the hinterlands. At least we missed out on the HIV/hepatitis colonoscopies . . .

Dana King said...

I'm not sure what it's a sign of, but I find myself agreeing with Charlie Stella more every day. (That doesn't mean he's wrong.)

Obama won. The Democrats won. I'm all for a post-partisan administration, but I'd rather have an effective one. The polls show a solid majority of Americans. many of whom voted for Obama and the Dems in Congress, want a public option. It's time he used some of that political capital for something solid before he pisses it all away.

One other question: Harry Reid had more votes as Minority than McConnell has now. How come he wasn't able to hold up as much legislation as McConnell, legislation Harry knew at the time was bad?

JD Rhoades said...

Because Reid doesn't have the stomach for confrontation. He's too afraid the Republicans will say nasty things about him.

And I agree with Charlie too, Dana. This is the time to get out on the stump and start raising hell.

The other day some ninnycon was bleating about a woman in Canada who had to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS for a knee replacement. Hey, asshole, my wife had to wait six weeks to get in for her first visit to see her orthopedist, here in our wonderful health care system.

guy said...

I love how the VA experiences of a famous, extinguished individual are presented like they are typical of everyone in that system. "Normal" veterans, like oh say my grandfather, have had TERRIBLE experiences in the VA system. I have spoken to COUNTLESS nurses and physicans who wouldn't touch the VA system with a ten foot pole because of how shitty it is. It's inefficient. It's sub-par. But hey, it's free just like the shitty Canadian system. What's that? Oh yeah I've heard their cancer cure rates are significantly poorer than in the US but its the PHILOSOPHY behind it man! It's everyone's RIGHT! What a crock. Move to Canada if want if you want your hand held the rest of your life. Just don't get sick there.