Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wingnut Logic, Wasilla Style

Criticizing a bubble-headed beauty queen for her public stance on gay marriage: A violation of said bubble-head's First Amendment Rights.

Threatening to sue bloggers and journalists who speculate about your bizarre and vaguely explained abdication of your elected office: A-OK, you betcha!

Governor Wilma needs to read her Constitution, not to mention New York Times vs. Sullivan.

This Independence Day weekend, remember to be thankful for the electoral process that kept this crazy person from being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. And be thankful as well that we don't have someone in the White House who'll walk off the job in a huff if some blogger or some Republican says something nasty about a member of his family.

(Warning: some of the stuff at those links is pretty raw. Much, much worse than the photoshop on some Alaskan political blog that apparently helped drive Winky Wilma from office. Said image is apparently some sort of in-joke understood mostly by Alaskans).

UPDATE: Thanks to Oliver Willis, here's a reminder of Governor Palin's advice to Hillary Clinton about unfair criticism: "Plow through! Quit whining!"



Randy Johnson said...

Yes, I am thankful McCain/Palin wasn't elected. Can you imagine the first time Putin looked cross-eyed at her? Instant resignation.

Sophie Littlefield said...

oh my my my, i can't keep up with you but you *do* amuse me plenty. :)

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Can't finish a term. Claims Putin flying over the state qualifies her as a foreign policy expert. Threatens to sue critics for [*Gasp!*] criticizing her. Quits halfway through first term as governor.

Yeah, I want her for president. Sign me up now.

(Somewhere, Dan Quayle is kicking a puppy, going, "Where was she when I was running for president?!]