Thursday, August 06, 2009

"A Little People, A Silly People..."

They Don't Even Like Obama's Birthday Cake:
A "tacky monstrosity". Would you want to eat that? I guess if you're our President Barack Obama. I suppose we should be thankful his picture isn't on it. But I mean, really. Love him or hate him, George Bush had a real cake for his birthday.

Proof positive that there is no matter, not even a damn birthday cake, that is too small or trivial to trigger an attack of Spasmodic Wingnut Outrage Syndrome.

And are you seriously bringing up Bush in the same sentence as birthday cake after the Katrina debacle, wherein John McCain and George Dubbya were famously photographed yukking it up over McCain's birthday cake while an American city drowned? You want to go there? Really?


Charlieopera said...

Here I am thinking it's the Dems that are the party of love ... no war protests ... nobody asking this administration any of the same questions it asked the last administration ... nobody seems to care that nothing is getting done (unless your interests are with corporate America).

And then hints of a middle class tax increase ... that's just great. Icing on the "cake" for all of us (and the other party of love) ... probably just enough to kill the majority Dems have now in two years (not that they're doing ANYTHING with it--to include helping the Big Easy).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that I think the cake is kind of overdone -- just too much stuff going on.

However, I can think of far better things to complain about.

Kelly Moran said...

hmm. food for thought. pun intended.
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