Monday, August 03, 2009

Sauce for The Goose

Judging from the comments and nutty e-mails I've gotten, the current wingnut whine on the birth certificate issue is, apparently, about the "long form" birth certificate, the one filled out in the hospital at birth. "Why doesn't he release it, what is he hiding, etc."

This begs the question: why the hell should Obama release something that NO OTHER PRESIDENT OR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF THE US, HAD TO RELEASE? And, as I've pointed out, something that neither I nor my children has ever had to track down and produce. Obama should have to cough his up because some nutcase on the Internet, with no evidence whatsoever, has said "I don't think he's a citizen?"

Okay, fine. As a nutcase on the Internet, I question Sarah Palin's citizenship. She was, after all, born within a stone's throw, apparently, of a foreign country. I heard a rumor somewhere that she was born on a fishing boat outside the 3-mile limit. I have no real basis to believe it's true, but this whole thing can be cleared up if she'd just produce the certificate, and an Affidavit from the doctors, and some delivery room photos, also.

Therefore, I demand that Sarah Palin release her full birth certificate from Alaska, and Trig's too, while we're at it, since there've been Internet rumors about him.

If you're going to let nutty rumors and partisan smears be the triggering event for when someone has to release personal records, then so be it. Be ready for the consequences.

C'mon, Sarah. Let's see 'em. What are you hiding?


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not FUCKING ILLEGAL to release the long form birth certificate?

If it's illegal, then the birthers are demanding that the State of Hawaii and the President break the law. And the President is sworn to uphold the law. So they want the President to violate his Constitutional oath.

That means birthers hate America. Why do they hate America?


(Wow. I felt my IQ drop about 20 points just parsing that out with the usual wingnut logic. I'd better go do a word jumble or something to fix the damage.)

Gerard said...

Let's answer this childish opposition with a childish response I learned from a three year old, "Butt cheek farted, farted, farted."

Jim Hetley said...

On producing original birth certificates . . .

We need 'em for driver's licenses now, with the Real ID crap out of Washington. Also for passports and Social Security.

JD Rhoades said...

Jim Hetley, again, the birth certificate that was required for my daughter to take driver's ed today, for my son to get his license last year, and for all of us to get passports was the "Certificate of Live Birth" similar to what Obama produced. Yes,we did have to produce the original of the CoLB. But what the birthers apparently want Obama to produce is the forty-eight year old form filled out in the hospital, which no one else, to my knowledge, has to produce for anything.

Jim Hetley said...

All that Wife and I have are the original (over 60 years old) forms provided by the original hospitals and counties. They don't look very convincing to *me* . . .

Charlieopera said...

Hey, quit complaining about birth certificates, will ya.

Mine says Carmelo Stella. Try getting the morons at the records department in New York to deal with that name. I tried to get a NY driver's license back once (after moving back to New York a few years after 9-11) and all my information except for my birth certificate says Charles Stella.

You want a test for high anxiety? Try dealing with the DMV with a birth certificate like mine. The woman looked at my BC, then my at the time current driver's license (and all the other information with my name on it and said), "Who's Charles Stella?"

Now, I've never been to Kenya, but something tells me (if Obama really is a Kenyan citizen), that's the reason why ... so he wouldn't have to deal with all the numbnuts working for this government.