Monday, August 31, 2009

Your Inspirational Story for the Day

Karen Cauwood and Kenneth Porter--Britain's Unluckiest Bride and Groom:
  • The airline and hotel provider booked for their Greek honeymoon collapsed soon after the two booked.
  • The shop supplying the bridesmaids' dresses went into administration. A £154 deposit was lost.
  • The shop where Mrs Porter had ordered her wedding dress suffered a burglary.
  • The County Durham hotel booked for their wedding reception applied for bankruptcy - the Porters forfeited their £300 deposit.
  • Having got tickets to see Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died
  • Mrs Porter underwent a foot operation which left her unable to wear shoes up until three weeks before the wedding, leaving her afraid she'd marry in slippers.
  • Tickets for a replacement concert, to see Oasis, had to be cancelled after Mrs Porter's foot operation meant she couldn't walk.
  • The hand-held steamer bought by Mrs Porter to steam her wedding clothes blew up.
  • The Tuesday before the wedding, Karen went to pick up the men's trousers to go with the suits for the wedding, and they were all the wrong sizes

And yet, they were married anyway earlier this month.

Love conquers all.

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C.L.J. said...

Jeez, I hate it when people don't take the hint.

Anonymous said...

Ghods willing, they have used up the bad luck for the marriage and will have many happy and content years together.