Saturday, September 05, 2009

This Is a Great Idea!

I know I get sick to death of conservative family members, and some annoying strangers, spamming me with those e-mails some lying sack of shit has written and spread worldwide, full of outright lies and phony stories designed to stir up rage over things that never happened and fear over proposals no one ever made. I like to go to or, find the articlle on there that refutes it (and they are, invariably, completely untrue) and send it to everyone on the recipient list. Well now has compiled a handy resource for countering that bullshit. Their EMail Checker:
....will provide ready-made responses to counter conservative misinformation contained in the most common and most egregious chain and viral emails. This tool will allow you to swiftly respond to emails with fact-based replies.

Cut, paste, send. Pretty soon, I've found they stop sending the e-mails.


Fran said...

Thank you!

I get these periodically, and I used to love being able to refute their arguments. Now it just makes me tired and a bit grumpy.

I've been grumpy a lot lately.

So it's always good to have a new site that helps beat back the stupid.

Dana King said...

I've been the official bullshit detector for a large group of friends for some time now, and have done what you do: verify through snopes or Truth or Fiction, and send a condensed reply with the link. It never occurred to me until I read your post, but, now that I think about it, I don't get nearly as many of those emails as I used to.

Apparently the truth has set me free.