Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Stimulus Comes to Your Neighborhood

The Stimulus Tracker from tracks spending on the stimulus package right down to the county level. In my case, it shows a pretty hefty contract going to the paving company owned by a nice older gentleman who lives down the street from me, and who I know is hiring a lot more people now than he was last year. It's an intriguing look at where the money goes. Check it out.

(Wonder if SNL will do a skit about it?)


Gerard Saylor said...

The County I used to live in in KS received $10,750 for a levee fence.

Charlieopera said...

(Wonder if SNL will do a skit about it?)

One problem with the Stimulus is its OUR money and we don't have a say about where it goes (although the Democratic Congress, remember, was quick to cave into 12 Republicans who held out at $700 billion for their own constituencies and wound up costing all of US an extra $150 billion). Of course very few from either party bothered to read the legislation before passing it, but why should that keep us from voting the lesser of two evils?

I sure hope SNL does a skit on it. I'm sure there's some very funny contracts admidst all that pork. But it'll probably be FOX (of all the cable shows) that finds some of the less noble dole outs (and yes, because they'll be hunting for them).

I noticed 1.2 billion was aimed at the county in Jersey where I live, but I didn't notice whether or not it would help me pay the extra 36K in income taxes I was bilked for last year or if it would replace the weekend job I was laid off from or if any of that loot was aimed at my address.

Nifty map.