Saturday, June 05, 2010

Conservatives Love the Constitution, Except When They Don't

Power Line's Scott Johnson explains why it's really no big deal that Israeli commandos killed an American citizen in international waters. See, Furkan Dogan, despite being born in America, shouldn't really be considered a citizen, according to Johnson; he was a Turk, because he lived in Turkey. As for that pesky 14th Amendment, which states that anyone born here is a citizen:

Birthright citizenship is an anachronism, and in some respects a dangerous one, in an era when millions of people travel internationally and millions more enter the U.S. illegally, some for the specific purpose of having a baby here.

Conservatives love the Constitution, and get all self-righteous when it's suggested that it's not perfect as originally written...until it becomes an impediment to killing or torturing people who aren't the "right" color, or the "right" religion.


The PaulR said...

Don't you know the only REAL ammendments are the 2nd and the 10th? The rest were all written by a bunch of damn libruls!

Tom said...

Fearful people make bad choices quite often. The chronically fearful chronically make bad choices. Conservatives are the most frightened people I know, even when heavily armed.

But keep an eye on this Turkish-backed flotilla to Gaza thing. According to Katrina van den Heuval, the fundy Muslim gummint of Turkey is trying to provoke Israel into an attack, so the very secular Turkish military will go on an counteroffensive along with the insane Islamists.

International games of chicken smash a lot of ships and kill a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

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