Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Party of Love, Yet Again

Indiana Republican: Women Will Pretend to Be Raped to Get Free Abortions

Now I remember why I'm a Democrat.

Hey, I like low taxes and less government regs too, but I'm not going to be associated with people like this. The Dem Party has some fools, to be sure, but I don't know of any Democratic politician capable of this kind of callous, brutal dismissiveness of rape victims.


KateH said...

I don't even need to read such crap from such bastards. I've always said that I know there are bad people in every state, but I'd never (personally) met one from Indiana, only nice people. Sure, there was dippy Dan Quayle, but whoever this turd is, he's definitely the proof that there's an exception to every rule. What a shitty little prick.

Celine said...

Well, at least they're finally coming right out and SAYING that rape and incest are always the woman's fault. Not that they've ever believed any differently, but they used to understand how abhorrent that is to the majority of Americans. These days they just don't care about that.

Steve Malley said...

Every now and then, you provide a perfect example of why I emigrated. :)