Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank You, Ms. Warren

This cannot be said enough.


Dana King said...


Spanish Inquisitor said...

Elizabeth Warren for President.

Fran said...

Hell yeah, Spanish Inquisitor!

Dory said...

Madam President?

President Warren?

Hm-m-m NOT bad.....

Elizabeth Warren - 2016

Y'all keep in started HERE - FIRST!

Charlieopera said...

It is an argument I make almost every day at conservative sites that worship Ayn Rand. It is an argument for the greater good; one that turns capitalism on its head (and that in itself is long overdue).

Don't be surprised when the Dems backpedal on Ms. Warren’s wonderful (and obvious) statement. All it’ll take is an extra class warfare or two GOP commercial ending with a picture of Stalin and she’ll be branded a socialist too.

The economics of capitalism no longer work for the greater good. It’s as simple (and obvious) as that. Workers of the world unite.