Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, I Guess That's Okay Then

Courtney Love praises sheared Spears:

Rocker Courtney Love has offered her support to troubled star Britney Spears - and praised her decision to shave off her hair.

Love - who has herself spent time in rehab to battle substance abuse - claims losing her hair was a good move for the pop princess.

She told website TMZ.COM,, 'I think that was a cool thing she did, I'm dead serious.'"

I actually was trying really hard not to comment on the whole Britney trainwreck, largely for the reasons that Craig Ferguson so movingly goes into here.

But this was just too damn good to pass up. I mean, Jesus. When Courtney Love tells you shaving your head's a good move, shouldn't that tell you something?


Kristy said...

Okay, so I wrote this whole long, all psychologically sound and really rather fabulous and sort of spiritual comment, but then it asked me for the stupid word verification approximately eleven times, so, I'll just say *deep breath* I AGREE with Courtney Love. Clearly I'll burn in hell...

Anonymous said...

If only it would it be that Ferguson were starting a trend. Media dealing with certain situations with restraint, compassion, and dignity.

His comments on his alcoholism and rehab were heartfelt and on the money.

Dusty, thanks for pulling my coat to this guy.

Cornelia Read said...

Thanks for the link to Craig Ferguson on all of this... good good stuff. I'm never up late enough to watch him on actual TV. Maybe now I'll really save up for Tivo...