Friday, June 15, 2007

Gee, Ya Think?

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, at his hearing to determine whether he'll be disbarred for his handling of the Duke Lacrosse Players case, says he'll quit as District Attorney.

"It does not contribute to the cause of justice in Durham for me to serve as the sitting district attorney for every time I walk into the courtroom [there are] people pointing a finger at me and saying there's the guy in the Duke Lacrosse case."

Well, that's a pretty shrewd judgment there, Captain Obvious.

When people are using your name as a term for bogus prosecution ("I'm getting Nifonged here!") and defense lawyers across the country are invoking your most famous case in their closing arguments as an example of why you should automatically have reasonable doubt about the arguments of the prosecution, then yeah, I'm thinking your effectiveness as District Attorney is pretty much porked.

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Stacey Cochran said...

How come something like this never happens to me?

You know, someone charges you for something you didn't do, works their ass off to send you to jail, and then the tide turns, you go free, and they lose their job and are professionally humiliated.

This kind'a stuff only happens in Hollywood movies...

And Durham apparently.