Saturday, July 26, 2008

Because Nothing Shows Off Your Erudition Like a Fart Joke

From the Letters Section at :

Dusty Rhoades, when you look up "liberal media" in the dictionary, your picture is there.

I beat out favorite wingnut whipping boy CBS? Awesome.

As a matter of fact, if you were any further to the left, you'd fall off the page.

Admiral Smith was dead-on with his Wesley Clark quote. Sen. McCain didn't bring up his Vietnam service. Wesley Clark did.

Yes, as we know, John McCain never, ever mentions his service in Vietnam and his time as a POW. Never. He's just modest like that.

In contrast, John Kerry flaunted and exploited his service with his "Reporting for Duty" salute. That brought out people who actually served with him and questioned some of that service.

And by "questioned", we mean "told a bunch of lies which were easily refuted, and which John McCain himself said were dishonest and dishonorable* , yet are still mindlessly repeated by Kool-Aid drinking 27 percenters like this letter writer."

The liberal media now love to use the words "swift boating" whenever one of their own is scrutinized.

I believe you still might have some time to change the title of your next book. May I suggest "Breaking Wind"? Perhaps your falling off the page might not be such a bad idea.

Dennis Strojny, Pinewild

Oooh, snap! Dennis, with witty repartee like that, the National Review is not beyond your reach.

*before, that is, Mr. Straight Talk Maverick McCain started taking their money.

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