Monday, October 20, 2008

John Cole Nails It

This Is Why Balloon Juice (a blog run by John Cole, a reformed Republican) is one of my favorite blogs:
Over the past few years, we have watched major corporations dump their pensions and move hundreds of thousands of people off private health insurance on to medicare and medicaid at the government’s expense (Delta Airlines comes to mind, I believe United was another one from the 2005 PBGC mess), we have doubled the national debt and passed the MASSIVE prescription drug plan, we have watched the government nationalize several industries, the government is currently nationalizing the banks, the Republican party candidate is proposing spending near a half trillion dollars allowing the government to buy private mortgages, and the right wing is running around screaming “SOCIALISM” because Obama is proposing increasing the top tax rates a few percentage points.

That is funny. Sad and depressing, but funny.


Anonymous said...

Nita and I love to fall asleep to Family Guy, which means the Fox station is left on overnight. Unfortunately, on Sundays, that means Fox News Sunday Morning comes on, and my nice, peaceful sleep-in is ruined by Brit Hume selling out. (Someday, I will egg his house. Mwahahahahaha!!!)

Only this week, I got to watch Chris Wallace grab John McCain by the balls and say, "Well, what about the economy, John?" "Look, Chris, this man's a socialist. This man gave Bill Ayrs a hummer. This man's not just a Muslim but the 14th Imam in disguise. This man secretly is a fan of Pee Wee Herman."

"But what about the economy, John?"

"Look, my running mate is hotter. I've personally banged Sarah Palin dozens of times in this campaign. Christ, my cialis bill has tripled since I named her to the ticket. And she does threesomes with me and Cindy. Can Obama say that? I think the American people need to know if Obama is banging Joe Biden."

"But what about the economy, John?"

"Chris, you just don't get it, do you?"

"No, I don't. Getting back to the economy..."

Yeah. That was neat to wake up to.

JD Rhoades said...

Man, if they've lost Chris Wallace, they are FUUUUUUCKED.