Monday, January 26, 2009

Concern Troll Is Concerned

From the Pilot Letters Section:

I do not usually read Dusty Rhoades in The Pilot, but I did see the Jan. 18 column on Sarah Palin.

Even President Obama would not endorse this pathetic, backward and small-minded-thinking article using the Beverly Hillbillies to project a point about Palin. Perhaps a column like this sells newspapers to a select few, but it certainly detracts from a positive attitude when Obama is working so hard to bring all Americans together, regardless of their political choice.

Rhoades should contain his self-appointed lofty ego and be more focused on uniting our country.

.Jack Duvall


In Internet-speak, a "concern troll" is one who pretends to be on the side you're on, but who, in reality, is just trying to silence criticism of his actual position by expressing his "concern" over "tone" or, in this case, lack of a "positive attitude."

However, there's usually a "tell" that gives them away. Can you spot the "tell" in Jack's letter that lets us know he really isn't sincerely behind the Obama message of bringing people together?


Joseph said...

Gee... would it be the "even" in "Even President Obama..."?

Celine said...

That was certainly my first thought. He couldn't even (hah!) write one sentence without giving himself away.

JD Rhoades said...

You got it!

Tom Panek said...

Well, the obvious "tell" on wingnuts is that somewhere their condescending superiority will always shine through.

eviljwinter said...

There are two, actually, though if you sail by the "Even President Obama...", you'll likely miss the "select few."

Maybe he's part of Hannity's "conservatism underground."

Tom said...

After "Even President Obama," I noticed the following:
" . . . select few . . . regardless of their political choice . . . self-appointed lofty ego . . ."

There's some kind of neocon meme running loose that frames Democrats as denying Neocons their right to choose how to live. Never mind that more people voted for Obama than McCain; that's just elitist Coastal sophistry when real Murricans want their tax cuts, Britney and free beer.

I've noticed another, newer, that claims Democrats have no right or competence to synthesize political opinions -- but IOKIYAR.

Gerard said...

I don't know that you can count "self-appointed lofty ego", Tom. That seemed on the mark. Heh. Heh. Heh.

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

As a lifelong republican, and currently an elected state party official, I am disappointed in the "mementos" (can't remember what happened yesterday)folks in our party. Lots of these people want President Obama to FAIL just so they can get back into power in 4 years... to them I say "you are traitors". We need to support our president now more than ever.
Like Mr. Cheney often admonished "elections have consequences"
peace to all from Indiana, USA

JD Rhoades said...

Mike, it's up to people like you to take your party back. Good luck!

And I mean that sincerely. I actually would LIKE to see an opposition party that engages in reasoned debate...not only would it make the country better, I can't help but think it would lead to better Democrats as well.

Tom said...

"I don't know that you can count "self-appointed lofty ego", Tom."

Look more closely, Gerard, and you'll see there's always a slap at a centrist's or lefty's supposed lack of humility in these things. There's also usually some kind of attack on people's education (tho' never on its lack).

"Ptui. Think they're all so smart with thet booklearnin'. It ain't done nuthin' fer 'em but made 'em fergit they's commonsense. Cain't do an honest day's work, none of 'em, not a real man inna bunch."

The Rovians learned how to play both sides as they laid these little stinkbombs along with their astroturf.

Kathryn Cramer said...

Also, it seems to me that "I do not usually read . . ." broadcasts "someone sent me a link to your site and told me to go comment."

Gerard said...

Tom, I go through life explaining myself. My previous comment was a dig at Rhoades, not an agreement with the letter writing whiner.