Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Dick

Former Republican House majority leader Dick Armey demonstrates what passes for reasoned debate among Republicans these days:

"Income redistribution!"

"Give it a rest!"

"I'm glad I'm not your husband!"


This is why your party got their asses kicked, Dick. No ideas, no attempt to persuade either the viewer or your opponent, just smugness, condescension and assholery from grouchy old farts who don't even realize how far behind the curve of history they've slipped.

But do keep it up. Remind us of why your kind should never again hold power in this country.


Cornelia Read said...

Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

I have to live in Congresswoman Jean "Cut and Run" Schmidt's district and next to John Boner's... er, um... Boehner's. Schmidt almost got spanked in November, so she's keeping her mouth shut.

But everytime I see Boehner on TV, I want to drive up to West Chester, wait for him to come home, and hand him some cheese to go with his whine as soon as he gets out of his car. The guy WHINES! He WHINES! When Bush was in office and the GOP ruled the nation, he WHINED. All he ever does is WHINE!

People of West Chester, you've got to be frakin' kidding me if you think this guy's what you need in DC.

That or scared.

Charlie Stella said...

No argument here, the guy is a Dick ... and when one considers the fact it was a Republican initiative in the first place (or have they forgotten W's call for the initial bailout {or that the collapse occurred under their President} ORRRRRR [that the Reps who "held out" on the first bail out vote UNTIL they got the 1.5 hundred billion in perks]), it smacks of some serious revisionism.

Now, if you want to shoot them first once we line them ALL up (Dems who voted for the initial bailout included), that's fine with me.

David Terrenoire said...

I saw this last night. Jesus, what a dick.

Tom Panek said...

Hopefully what Dick has done is thoroughly piss off his female constituency. As for all the Reps licking Rush's boots, they always have their nose up someone's butt anyway... usually someone with more money than they.