Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

At some point—it might actually coincided with the election of George W. Bush—conservatism ceased to be a philosophy that traced its roots back to Edmund Burke and became nothing more than a "f*** you, liberal bastards" attitude.

-Lev, commenting at Balloon Juice

If anyone on the McCain campaign chose Palin because she would drive liberals crazy, my hat is off to him!

-Ann Coulter


Celine said...

And the genuinely funny thing is, the choice of Palin didn't drive liberals crazy nearly as much as it drove conservatives (as opposed to neocons) crazy! We all knew that he'd blown it as soon as we found out anything about her, and everything we heard only reinforced that.

OTOH, if I had $100 for everyone I knew who said something like, "You know, I was actually going to vote for McCain, but now I just can't"... well, I wouldn't be rich, but it sure would be a nice little windfall. Multiply that by how many people like me (i.e. liberals with some conservative and libertarian acquaintances) in the country, and it was a foregone conclusion.

Dare we hope that the Republicans will be stupid enough to put up Huckabee/Palin in 2012?

Gerard said...

I was very forgiving of Palin during the election. I was skeptical of criticism during the competition because things get blown out of proportion or skewed. But, I now concede that she is a nut and is not very hot.