Friday, October 02, 2009

Conservatives Cheer USA Not Getting Olympics...Just Because Obama Was For It

Country First, My Ass.

""For those of you ... who are upset that I sound gleeful, I am. I don't deny it. I'm happy," [Rush] Limbaugh said. "Anything that gets in the way of Barack Obama accomplishing his domestic agenda is fine with me."

"ChicagP\/\/n3D!" tweeted Newsmax, of recent fame for running, then pulling, a column about an impending military coup against Obama.

"Please, please let me break this news to you. It's so sweet," said Glenn Beck on his radio show.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My good friend David Terrenoire brings the fire and delivers one king-hell smackdown to a particularly egregious example of anti-health care reform bullshit:
The commercial is paid for by Conservatives for Patients' Rights, a group of right wingers who care as much about patients' rights as Michael Vick cares about puppies.

And that's just him warming up...check it out.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just When You Think They Can't Go Any Lower

By now, most of you have heard about Bill Sparkman, the census worker who was killed and hanged from a tree in Kentucky with the word "FED" scrawled on his chest. Right wingers, apparently fearing that the crime will be traced to hatemongers stirring up fear of the government, particularly the census, are struggling frantically to pre-emptively blame the grisly killing on someone or something else. So you have this guy, saying it must have been illegal Mexicans, because sometimes gangs grow weed in National Parks, and Mexican gangs grow weed, so there you have it.

But for sheer vileness, it's hard to beat Dan Riehl,* who theorizes that the murder victim may have been a child predator. His evidence? "No teaching degree, no full-time means of employment and no wife or kids so far as I am aware. But he certainly did gravitate towards children."

And we know this because....Sparkman was a Boy Scout leader and a substitute teacher.

Turns out, however, that Sparkman DID have a teaching degree, and a son, who we was raising as a single parent. But in the perverted minds of someone like Riehl, that's probably just more evidence he was a nasty child molester who deserved to be killed and hung from a tree.

The thing is, it's all so unnecessary. It would have been easy for a sane person to simply go, "wait a minute, we don't really know that much about the crime yet, including whether or not it was actually a homicide. Not to mention the fact that anti-federal government sentiment in that area far predates Glenn Beck, teabaggers, or Michelle Bachmann. In fact, a state trooper who worked in the schools with Sparkman warned him:
"when you go into those counties, be careful because people are going to perceive you different than they do elsewhere.'"

But nooooooooo...these sick fucks think everything is the fault of the Meskins or the Gays, and they're willing to smear a murder victim to make that "point."

Don't ever forget, though: it's the liberals who are filled with hate.

*(I did not, as is my normal practice, link directly to Riehl's blog. I'm not giving that asshole another web-hit if I can help it).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This May Be a Sign of the Apocalypse

Latest Newspaper Column:
My friends, today, I'm going to do something that will shock you. It will amaze you. It will plumb astound you.

I am going to say some nice things about some Republicans.

I know sometimes it seems as if I have it in for the GOP. But see, my schtick here at The Pilot is making fun of people who need making fun of. And you have to admit that the modern GOP offers a target-rich environment for that sort of thing, playing host as it does to a motley collection of birthers, teabaggers, secessionists, death-panel nuts, Sarah Palin cultists, and thugs like Hollerin' Joe Wilson.

The party that once hailed William F. Buckley and George Will as its leading intellectual lights and that now bestows that honor on the virulently anti-intellectual Joe the Plumber is just begging to be mocked. The party that hails a hate-filled drug addict like Rush Limbaugh as its de facto leader...

Oh. Right. Nice things about Republicans. Sorry, got a little carried away there.

It's come to my attention recently that there are actually some voices of reason and sanity crying out in the wilderness, asking for a reasoned debate as opposed to hysterical ranting about made-up bogeymen.
There are indeed some Republicans for whom espousing conservative principles doesn't involve shrieking "socialism," "Marxism" or "fascism" about everything of which one disapproves in such a way that it's crystal-clear that one hasn't the vaguest idea what any of those terms means.
Take, for example Joe Scarborough, former Republican congressman from Florida and the host of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.
Now, I'm not going to say I agree with Scarborough on everything. But he's been one of the few Republican pundits who seem willing to take on those who place themselves out on the lunatic fringe of Republican discourse. And by "lunatic fringe," of course, I mean Glenn Beck.
Speaking of Beck's claim that President Obama is a racist who hates white people, Scarborough said, "I'm talking to you, Mitt Romney, and I'm talking to anybody who wants to be president in 2012. ... When you preach this kind of hatred, and say that an African American president hates all white people, you are playing with fire. And bad things can happen. And if they do happen, not only is Glenn Beck responsible, but conservatives who don't call him out are responsible."
Scarborough said that he's starting a "conservative honor roll" to reward GOP politicians who denounce racism and craziness. Let's hope it's not a short list.
Then there's Charles Johnson, founder and Webmaster of the right-wing blog Little Green Footballs, or LGF for short.
LGF was the blog that first expressed skepticism about documents referenced in a "60 Minutes" report that raised questions about George Dubbya Bush's truncated service in the Texas Air National Guard. Revelations that the documents were insufficiently verified led to the resignation of veteran CBS anchor Dan Rather, a scalp that any conservative might envy collecting.
Johnson and commenters on the blog have frequently sneered at the "loony liberal left." But after the last election, even Johnson became alarmed at what he saw as the growing racism of the Right, especially the approval some right-wing bloggers were expressing towards European white supremacist organizations.
When Rush Limbaugh used an incident where a white student was beaten on a school bus by some black kids to claim that this was an example of "Obama's America" and to call for buses to be resegregated, Johnson called the segment a "vile rant" and wondered, "Where was Michael Steele? What the hell is wrong with the Right?"
Excellent question, Chuck.
All mockery aside, I would like to see a strong, sane, intellectually honest Republican Party. I think any party, including the Democrats, is made stronger by having principled opposition. And I know there are thoughtful conservatives out there. I know this because I know some of them.
Unfortunately, none of those people seem to be in charge of the party. I'd like to see that change. Oh, it would mean I'd have to find someone else to make fun of, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice for my country.