Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Phrase Of the Day

The always entertaining Secret Dead Blog has a great interview today with Victor Gischler, author of the classics Gun Monkeys, The PistolPoets, Suicide Squeeze and the new Shotgun Opera. It contains this gem:

SDB: You've espoused 'going Bruckheimer' whenever the going gets rough in a novel. Is this you being silly, or is there a glimmer of real advice in there?

VG: Was it Chandler who said if things get slow have a guy with a gun walk into the room? 'going Bruckheimer' is the 21st Century version of that, I guess."

In case you're not familiar, Jerry Bruckheimer is famous for films in which a lot of stuff gets blown up.

I guess, given a choice, I'd prefer "getting all Tarantino" to "going Bruckheimer," but hey, whatever works.

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