Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Now It Can Be Told

I've known about this news for a day or so, since Ben's a classy guy and called me personally to let me know and to wish me well.
I'll miss working with Ben Sevier, but from what I understand about the opportunity, it was too good to turn down, and he deserves every bit of success. Best of luck to him.
And I get to work with Marc Resnick as editor now. Marc edits my buddies
Duane Swierczynski and Bob Morris, from whom I've heard nothing but good things. And if I have to change editors, it's a good time...I've got one book in the can and I'm working on another one, so neither Marc nor I are under a big deadline pressure.
So, all things considered, it's not a change I would have gone after myself, but it's got definite possibilities for the future.


Bob Morris said...

You oughta be jumping up and down and clicking your heels (hmmm, I'm picturing that, not pretty.)

Sure, it's tough to break up with your steady, but Marc is a stand-up guy. And believe me, I have taught him that deadlines are a, well, variable thing. Which kinda explains why BERMUDA SCHWARTZ is coming out in February and not last month...

You, me and Swierczynski ... that'll keep Resnick on his meds.

Anonymous said...

Dusty, glad to hear that it's all good!!!!