Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Still Fighting Them Over Here, I See

FBI Foils Terror Plot In Jersey: Federal authorities have arrested six New Jersey men for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack against the Fort Dix military base, senior FBI officials have confirmed.

The plot, reported this morning by New York's WNBC television and confirmed to the Washington Post by FBI officials, involved storming the base with automatic weapons and attempting to kill as many soldiers and other personnel as possible.

I thought the whole point of staying in Iraq was that terrorists would come here if we didn't. Yet they're already in New Jersey. Curious.

Wonder if Tony Soprano's tip last week had anything to do with this?

UPDATE: Upon reflection, this probably deserves the "non-viable strategies for living" tag. I mean, storming a military base full of people who are sure to be heavily armed? Boy, THERE'S a brilliant plan.

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Stephen Blackmoore said...

Nobody said they were smart. I mean, come on, they're in Jersey for god's sake.