Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let Me See If I Can Help, Mitt

Romney Struggles to Define Abortion Stance

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said this week that as president he would allow individual states to keep abortion legal, two weeks after telling a national television audience that he supports a constitutional amendment to ban the procedure nationwide.

In an interview with a Nevada television station on Tuesday, Romney said Roe. v. Wade should be abolished and vowed to "let states make their own decision in this regard." On Aug. 6, he told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he supports a human life amendment to the Constitution that would protect the unborn.

Wait, wait, it gets better...

Top Romney advisers insisted yesterday that their candidate's statements on abortion this month were consistent with each other. They said Romney supports a two-step process in which states get authority over abortion after Roe v. Wade is overturned, followed eventually by a constitutional amendment that bans most abortions.

James Bopp Jr., a top Romney adviser on the issue and a lawyer who has represented antiabortion organizations for decades, said Romney shares the aspirations of the antiabortion movement while understanding that its goals will not be achieved overnight.

"There's no flip-flopping. There's no contradiction. There's simply step one and step two," said Bopp, who has helped to shape the GOP's official stance on abortion since 1980. "

Got it? They want to overturn Roe v. Wade, thus leaving the question of choice up to the states. Then they want to take the power away from the states with a constitutional amendment.

Now, I can see as how this would make your stance on abortion hard to define. Let me see if I can help. Try this:

"Hello. I'm Mitt Romney and I'm a political whore. I'll say anything to get elected. Therefore, my stance on a woman's right to choose is whatever will get me through a bunch of primaries driven by fundamentalist whackos, while not pissing off women in the general election."

I tell you I ought to be a political consultant.


Steve Malley said...

That's twice in two days you've left me laughing helplessly in a room by myself! The neighbors are starting to wonder....


Jim Winter said...

I like Mitt. He's almost as real and lifelike as a men's store mannequin.