Saturday, November 10, 2007

Limbaugh Gets Punk'd

Daily Kos:

Breaking news: "proof" that global warming is entirely a natural event published in a definitive looking (okay, at first glance) site with The Journal of Geoclimatic Studies. (The links are down. Great Beyond has links to the cache material.) According to a paper on the website, rising volumes of CO2 are actually produced by "saprotrophic eubacteria living in the sediments of the continental shelves fringing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans." In other words, humanity had no role. Well, this paper began to run the lines of the Climate Denier branch of the Flat Earth Society. DeSmogBlog has a run of some of those who chose to run with this fantasy. Well, for these Flat Earthers, one problem: none of the authors existed.....

Well, add Rush to the list of Flat Earthers caught, well, caught flat-footed. Yes, "America's Truth Detector" has such a good nose for fraud that we can expect that Brooklyn Bridge salesmen have had a good time with him.

Let's see...Dan Rather broadcast a story that contains a memo regarding Dubbya's suspicious early departure from Texas Air National Guard service. Wingnuts cry that the memo was a fraud. No expert source ever actually calls it that, as far as I know, but that becomes the conventional wisdom. Rather loses his job over it, and every time someone brings up Bush's walking away from his duty under cover of Daddy's influence, the cries go up from the howler monkeys of the Right: TANG MEMO! TANG MEMO!

So Rush gets punk'd by a paper that's admittedly faked. By normal logic, therefore, Rush should lose his job and everyone who questions global warming and its causation by humans should be greeted with derisive smirks of JGS PAPER! JGS PAPER!


I'm not holding my breath.

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Jim Winter said...

Yeah, but Rush is paid to be an asshole.

I'm no fan of Rather's, but between him and Limbaugh, I'd rather see Limbaugh lose his job.

Actually, I'd like to see him spontaneously combust on live television.

I'd TiVo that and watch over and over and over...