Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, THERE's a Switch.....

HILLSBOROUGH — Chapel Hill police charged two women and a man with sexual assault and the attempted robbery of three UNC football players over the weekend, according to police and arrest warrants.

The players were not injured, but police said they found them bound with tape and that two said they were fondled without consent by at least one of the women early Sunday morning.

It is the policy of the News & Observer not to name complainants in sexual assault cases.

The arrested were Tnika Nomta Washington, 29, of Greenville, Monique Jenice Taylor, 28, of Durham, and Michael Troy Lewis, 32, of Durham. Bail for all three was initially set at $500,000 but Washington and Taylor’s bails were both reduced to $50,000 Thursday. Lewis’ remained at $500,000.

During a bail hearing Thursday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney Morgan Whitney said the three players had gone to a couple of downtown Chapel Hill bars to celebrate one of their birthdays.

They met Washington, Taylor and Lewis, who gave the players a ride home. Then the players invited the three up to the apartment.

One of the players was very drunk, and taken to his room, according to a police report that Whitney cited.

The other two apparently had some consensual sexual contact with the women, but became uncomfortable and wanted to stop, Whitney said.

At some point the players’ hands were bound with tape, Chapel Hill police said in a news release, and by the time police arrived about 3:30 a.m., two of the men were in their boxers. The third player was clothed.

One player said that when he asked a woman to stop touching him that both Taylor and Washington began to punch him in the head, Whitney said.

In one account given in court Thursday, one of the players said Lewis stood naked with a butcher knife at the player's neck while one of the women fondled him.

Okay, it's not really funny.

But it is a mite strange, don't you agree?


Stephen Blackmoore said...

"Okay, it's not really funny."

Yes, it is.

David Terrenoire said...

What else can you expect in Chapel Hill, that den of Commie pinko liberal atheists?

We're more moral over here in Durham, unless you play lacrosse.

JD Rhoades said...

We're going to hell for laughing at this.