Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Swear, These Kids Today...

13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers-to Play XBox With:

A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad's credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order.

Ralph Hardy, a 13 year old from Newark, Texas confessed to ordering an extra credit card from his father's existing credit card company, and took his friends on a $30,000 spending spree, culminating in playing "Halo" on an Xbox with a couple of hookers in a Texas motel.

The credit card company involved said it was regular practice to send extra credit cards out as long as all security questions are answered.

The escort girls who were released without charge, told the arresting officers something was up when the kids said they would rather play Xbox than get down to business.

...They told the suspicious working girls they were people of restricted growth working with a traveling circus, and as State law does not allow those with disabilities to be discriminated against they had no right to refuse them.

The $1,000 a night girls sensing something up played "Halo" on the Xbox with the kids, instead of selling their sexual services.

Here's my favorite part:

Ralph's ambition is to one day become a politician.

Okay, ladies: How many of you would sign up to play "Halo" with rich kids for a thousand bucks a night?

I'm seeing a whole new market here.


Undercover Black Man said...

... as State law does not allow those with disabilities to be discriminated against they had no right to refuse them.

Dang. You sure this isn't a joke, JD? Prostitution being a crime, why would they worry about anti-discrimination laws?

Or was your post also a joke and I'm just too literal-minded?

Randy Johnson said...

Restricted growth indeed. How about mental growth? Even at thirteen, one would have thought they would preferred something a little more "physical" than Halo. Lol.

JD Rhoades said...

UBM, I'm thinking that the ladies of negotiable virtue weren't buying into the kids' story.

I know it sounds like a joke, but the story looks legit. Then again, who knows? It might be on tomorrow.

Bill Cameron said...

I think it's telling that the people with the most virtue in this story seem to be hookers.

Anonymous said...

Those kids are smart. Dishonest, impulsive, self-serving - but smart. Politics should be perfect for them.

Thanks for the laugh!