Sunday, May 11, 2008

Question for Senator Clinton

Clinton Supporters Send Last-Ditch Obama Attack Emails To Supers - Politics on The Huffington Post

Dear Senator Clinton:

it appears that numerous supporters of your are now e-mailing superdelegates saying that they will vote for Senator John McCain if you are not the nominee.

What about your policies makes you so similar to Senator McCain that your supporters would feel comfortable with this move?

What do you say to your supporters who cannot apparently find a substantial enough difference that they would feel comfortable voting for Senator McCain?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


FerfeLaBat said...

Did she answer? Because My answer would be that it is because she and McCain are closer to the center than Obama, willing to compromise across the asle and more seasoned on how to do that. They are also more invested in the nation's security presenting rational plans for withdrawl from Iraq in a way that will hopefully keep us from having to go back in a military force. They differ in that McCain discusses the need to remain in a small supervisory force as we did in Germany to insure that the country is rebuilt though I suspect she would also honor our responsibility in that regard.

Obama, having spent twenty years attending a church where marxist liberation theology was preached with very clear socialist leanings in his proposed policies, very few or none of which has he managed to get through congress, is very different from McCain and Clinton.

So. Yes. If Ann Coulter can make the jump from McCain to Clinton, I can see how a Clinton suporter could make the jump to McCain. Also, there is the realistic possibility that McCain is going to be a one term president leaving the field clear for Hillary in four years. So there is that.

Obama needs to drop the sarcasm in his very ungracious response to Clinton supporters until he actually has the nomination locked up or he will alienate the people sitting on the fence.

I know. You like him. I prefer the devils I know. They are like family. They let us down periodically, but they do a lot of good things also. And I can pretty much predict what they will do in given circumstances. I like that in a leader.

JD Rhoades said...

I also don't discount the possibility of childish foot-stopping and the cutting off of noses to spite faces.

McCain's attempt to say the situation in Iraq can be turned into another Germany if we just stay there has pretty much disqualified him from ever calling anyone else naive.

And as for's amusing to me that the minister who performed Jenna Bush's wedding this weekend is an Obama supporter. Guess some people don't mind that "marxist liberation theology" as much.

And BTW, "Marxist theology?" Whah?

JD Rhoades said...

Oh, and no, Clinton didn't answer. Imagine my surprise.

FerfeLaBat said...

Google it. Black Liberation Theology James Cone cornel west. Read up. It has evolved from Latin American marxism and is heavily laced with socialist doctrine. I am not against social services and taking care of those who cannot care for themselves. I am not against some government services and controls. But full on socialism does not work. Chavez is hard at work disassembling Venezuela under the name of Socialist principles even as we speak. I'm not voting for it - ever.

Initially I thought it was BS and then I started researching it. What I found shocked the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the, "I'd rather vote for McCain than Obama if Clinton isn't the nominee" crowd. Clinton and Obama are both moderate Democrats, while McCain (despite his, "maverick" reputation) is a typical hard-right Republican.

FerfeLaBat said...

It makes sense if you think long term and the Clinton's most definitely do. McCain can really only serve on term. By the end of it, people will know more about Obama. He will have a track record that Clinton can actually point to and run against. Right now he is a blank slate to most people. It's very hard to pitch your past actions that everyone has an opinion on against "Hope".

So. I understand the reasoning behind the bail over to McCain if Clinton loses the primary. It's a pretty good scortched earth strategy because by the time the Republicans are done with Obama, he will probably be longing for the days when he was up against Clinton. People will remember in four years.