Friday, August 29, 2008

So Much For the Whole "Ready to Lead?" Strategy

Okay, so John McCain's core strategy is painting Barack Obama as inexperienced and not "ready to lead." Then he picks someone to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office whose experience is as mayor of some little town in Alaska no one's ever heard of and half a term as Governor of a state with a population of less than 700,000?

There's only one explanation for this: John McCain knows he's going to lose. So he's making a symbolic pick.

UPDATE: From a previous interview with Palin: As for the prospect of her being vice president, Palin told Kudlow that she could not answer the question of whether she wanted the job “until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day."

This should be fun.


Anonymous said...

I watched Obama's speech last night, about the only thing in the convention I did watch.

Obama's chosen "to go to the moon," so to speak.

Guess McCain wants to at least make a point, too, since Hillary's not in the race now to do it. (I still say Obama should have picked Richardson or Sebelius.)

Bill Cameron said...

McCain/VPILF '08!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I know I should be happy that he chose someone so inadequate, someone so poorly suited for the job that it inoculates Obama from any future criticism, but my problem with this is-- what if he wins. What if he dies? What if the fate of the world rests in her hands.

Karen Olson said...

Ditto Patti. Scares the living daylights out of me. Because we never thought Bush could win again. And he did. We can't underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

Of course she could get indicted, too. What if there really is something to that whole thing about firing the public safety commissioner over his lack of firing her ex brother in law.

Bill Cameron said...

I doubt she'll get indicted. People will get "talked to" and deals will be cut, and someone will fall on his sword.

Anonymous said...

eviljwinter? I'm a New Mexican and respect Richardson immensely, but would rather see him in the Cabinet than as a VP or P. Too much baggage . . .

Re: Palin
McCain's decision begs so many questions about judgment it's not even funny. I just hope the msm hold her under the same magnifying glass it's been using for Obama and Biden. Actually, I hope the MSM finally does that with McCain as well . . .

Anonymous said...

A note on Ms. Palin: she came to Bouchercon in Alaska last year to give the keynote address at the opening reception. She was self-deprecating and full of humor, and I thought she did a fabulous job.

I disagree with just about every single one of her political positions, but I like that she stood up to big oil (if that's true).

I'm certainly not voting Republican, but McCain could have made far worse choices. I also wonder how many people he called before he got to her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boys ... unless they can find some gigantic dirt bomb on this tomata (woman) or she says something too dopey too defend, me thinks McCain just won this thing.

And if her track record is for real (what they're claiming about appointing a bipartisan administration as Gov. and cleaning up some of the mess there) and killing pork barrel projects like that bridge ... well, I gotta say, while I might have to bite the bullet on some of her social stands, she sure looks good to me (as in someone who might get something done).

That 9% Congressional approval rating is what scares me about Obambi (his party--they let HC hang around just long enough to make this race way closer than it should be--but that was before Palin) ... this woman looks like she'll take names and kick some ass.

Harry Truman didn't have much "experience" ... neither did Lincoln ... and we know Obambi is lacking there as well. I don't hold it against him (or anybody). Nobody is ready for that job day one ... but I like the fact that a hockey mom was able to become governer (with an 80% approval rating) and get things done. I kind of like the idea of someone with common sense (a working mother rather than the same old pol) taking the controls for a change. We already know what professional bureacrats can do (NOTHING of any substance) ... my only issue remains McCain. I'd rather see her on top of the ticket.

Laugh all you want, fellas, but your guys (the Dems) just may have blown it ... yet again. Never mind coming off 1 disastrous Bush cycle (with Kerry) ... now they'll do it with a guy who should've won hands down (Obambi) except the Dems couldn't set their house in order from fear of the all powerful Clintons.

We'll find out soon enough, but count one Fords, NJ vote for McCain (that a few months ago was for Obambi, except his party bowed to HC too long for me (with all those convention concessions). Last week I switched to Nader, but Sarah Palin saves me that wasted vote.

JD Rhoades said...

I dunno, Charlie, just the stuff coming out already (the trooper firing scandal, the on-air clips of her giggling while a radio show calls a female state senator opposed to her a "bitch"....I thin this one's going to blow up in their faces. And considering that she's so clearly anti-choice, I can't imagine Hillary supporters flocking to her just becuase she has lady parts.

Anonymous said...

JD: It certainly has the potential for one HUGE disaster, but I think McCain knew he had NO OTHER shot at beating Obambi ... especially after slick willy's speech (which I thought, as much as I HATE that hillbilly) was great and exactly what they needed to hone in on (the last 8 years--are you better off now, etc.). Obambi has the charisma ... and McCain looks downright bad reading off his notes at podiums ... but this woman may be the answer to the Reps prayers (and Hillary's nightmare).

Chances are they'll find lots to uncover but having some bozo fired (using the gov't or not) because he was beating her sister is fine with me -- it's a common sense issue. I don't care if the violated every single right in the constitution ... a guy beats up a woman, tough shit.

Right now I'd say she's his only shot in the world of winning (and rightly so) ... but if she holds up (and she may well not at all), this thing just got a lot more interesting and it all has to do with the Dems (all those superdelegates who couldn't put an end to this nonsense months ago when it was clear Obambi was the choice but were too afraid to fight with the Clintons and thus let them slip in every little racist one-liner they could just in case Obambi did win).

It's why I'm still pissed off at the Dems ... and I go back to an almost an undefendable President (Carter) when the Dems let Ted Kennedy ruin any shot he had. Since then they've done nothing for me/they hold to the "sanctity of marriage" crap the same way as the Reps do, they won't end "don't ask/don't tell" ... they didn't bother impeaching this imbecile in the white house now (and should have--just to show they're there, alive and not in a coma). The list is endless ... we're almost back to the 1930's with deregulation that has nearly ruined this economy and the last two years they gave GW basically everything he wanted (just so they could get the white house)?

Never mind HC's permitting outsourcing in her great "home" state of New York ... I know a ton of people who've lost their jobs to outsourcing in NY and would like to see both parties lined up and shot for it (seriously ... lined up and shot) ... in some dark and dank courtyard.

I'm rambling ... anyway, it'll be interesting but if they did blow it (the Dems), it was their inaction in dealing with HC and giving the Reps all that fodder (the commercials they'll now use, etc.). This should be a wipe-out year for the Reps, but this woman may just have saved them the white house ... which, afterward, we can look forward to another 4 years of absolute stagnation politics, at the end of which, HC will seize her party all over again.

Unless McCain doesn't make it the full four years ... and then this woman is running things. At this point, anybody who ISN'T a pol, is more than fine with me.

Anonymous said...

After reading more on her and seeing what some folks in Alaska think of the selection, I suspect we'll see that Gov. Palin is far from squeaky clean.

Her approval rating, while still high, has gone from nearly 90 percent to 67 since the troopergate investigation began.

Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Republicans just want to drill for oil in Alaska.

LongHairedWeirdo said...

Now, you gotta understand, Palin has proven experience, because she agrees with McCain on Iraq.


No, really, I'm serious! That's his argument! I wouldn't make this up! (I'm not sure I could.)