Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogs for BC: Hands Across the Sea Edition

Finnish non-fiction writer Juri Nummelin has good things to say about BREAKING COVER over at his blog Pulpetti:
The pace is fast and there are no empty scenes. The lead character, a mystery man called Tony Wolf, is not at all unlike Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm, one of the toughest heroes of hardboiled writing.

Juri was kind enough to feature a flash fiction piece of mine called Hundred in his fanzine Ässä,("Ace") which I have prominently displayed in my office. It's a little mind-bending, I have to say, to see one of your stories rendered in what looks like Elvish.

Thanks for everything, Juri! And how do you say "Breaking Cover" in Finnish?

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Juri said...

It is in Elvish! The world's only Elvish-speaking crime fiction fanzine, Ässä!

Breaking cover... wait a minute. Rynnätä esiin? It's a phrase that translates clumsily in Finnish. The book would have to be in Finnish something like "Fast Guns Talk Loud".