Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear Lord....

Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain Exchange Letters on Ethics Reform

As noted below, I didn't really see what a lot of other people apparently saw in the debate last night: John McCain being condescending and angry toward Barack Obama. But this extraordinary exchange of letters makes me think that maybe there's something to it that I missed.

Read the whole thing and tell me if you disagree with these two propositions:

1) Obama comes off as reasonable, respectful, and professional.
2) McCain comes off as a raging petulant asshole.


becky hutchison said...

I agree with your assessment.
McCain: Rude, crude and socially inappropriate.
Obama: Respectful, courteous and definitely taking the higher road.

Anonymous said...

I'm not completely sure about the "raging" part, but McCain sure seemd petulant that Obama ... demurred ... on doing it his way, and the overall tone definitely strikes me as assholish.

David Terrenoire said...

I believe the correct assessment of McCain's behavior is being a dick.

Anonymous said...

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