Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kids Have a Word For it....

It can be pronounced as "owned" or as "poned", with both pronunciations being correct. In some cases, you will even hear it pronounced as "pawned". "Pwned" means "to be controlled against your will", or "to be defeated by a superior power". You might also hear the expression, "pwnage", which is the noun version of "being pwned".

Here's an example of major PWNAGE by VP candidate Joe Biden:

Try to imagine the outcry if a TV reporter had Sarah Palin on and asked "don't your positions make you a fascist?" "Isn't Senator McCain's erratic performance during the financial crisis an indication that he'll botch a major international test?" etc. People would be calling for the reporter's resignation for being so clearly biased and unprofessional, and rightly so. Biden, however, kept his cool in the face of a clear attempt at a hatchet job, and this fifth-rate Ann Coulter wannabe walked away with egg on her heavily Botoxed face.

BTW, it looks like a few people have discovered the answer to Biden's question" "Who's writing these questions for you?"

From the reporter's website:

"I am married to Wade West, an international media consultant to politicians, professionals and organizations. Together we often serve as auctioneers at various fundraising events throughout the state."

And, as it turns out, Wade West is a Republican consultant: "His communication and fundraising skills have made him a popular consultant for political candidates ranging from local elections, to more than 85 members of Congress and *members of the President’s cabinet."*


Anonymous said...

William F. Buckley once said his proudest achievement was to save conservatism from "the kooks."

That giant whirring sound you hear is Bill spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

That's an odd thing to claim as an achievement, coming from the man who taught the neocons everything they know about fallacious logic and cunning linguistics... not to mention outright lies. There was a reason Buckley detested scientists and academics; they were the ones best equipped to see through the verbal pyrotechnics to the flaws at the base of his mendacious arguments.

Anonymous said...

I assumed it was her Fox news audition tape.

Anonymous said...

"Are you joking? Was that a joke?"

Anonymous said...

Ugh. It's stuff that like this that make me embarrassed for my gender. Palin's on that list, too. As a new transplant to Ohio, I am happy to have my vote matter. And you better believe I've already cast it!

Caveat said...

Bit late to the party, but Ha ha ha ha ha!

Go Joe!