Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, Dear God, Please No....

Obama Met With Clinton to Discuss Possible Role -

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama met late Thursday in Chicago with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss what role she might play in his administration, advisers to both Democrats said on Friday.

Neither side disclosed details of the conversation, and it was unclear how seriously Mr. Obama was considering bringing Mrs. Clinton, his onetime rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, into his cabinet.

Speculation in recent days has focused on the possibility that Mr. Obama would ask Mrs. Clinton, a second term senator from New York, to be his secretary of state.

This is a terrible idea for several reasons:

One: If the idea here is to placate the rabid Clinton supporters. it's not going to work. These are people who even as Clinton was endorsing Obama, continued to insist that she didn't really mean it, that Obama's "thugs" had put a "gun to her head" and that the clips we were seeing of HRC endorsing Obama were a "hostage video." (actual quotes). They are not sane and cannot be placated.

Two: The Republicans would turn the confirmation hearings into a three ring circus. It'd be their last chance to bash the Clintons and drag the Obama Administration into a pointless side battle at the same time. And you KNOW everything Bill's been up to the past few years is going to get dragged in. Sure it's all bullshit, but it's bullshit the press reflexively laps up like cream. It'd be wall to wall coverage and all about the Clintons and the past, not Obama and the future. We don't need the distraction.

Three: Hillary Clinton has the potential to become a real power in the Senate. She could be the next Kennedy or Moniyhan. She's got a safe seat, she's well-thought of, and she's smart. Why would she want to turn over the possible leadership of a co-equal branch of government to go let the man who defeated her be her boss? And she'd be the classic example of the employee you can't tell what to do and you can't fire. The Secretary of State serves at the pleasure of the President, and I just don't see HRC being comfortable in that role.

Don't do it, Mr. President-Elect.


Anonymous said...

Oh No, I thought the "Great Community Organizer" Barry Obama could do no wrong in your eyes. He's gonna learn that the U.S and the rest of the World isn't the southside of Chi town. This is the big time now.


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Obama has a history of drawing former rivals into close orbit. This--along with the McCain meeting--reflects a pattern Obama established in Illinois. I'm surprised, yeah, but not *that* surprised.

And remember, the Clintons are still held in high regard by much of the rest of the world...

Anonymous said...

While she'd probably be a good, or at least competent, Sec. of State, I think she'd do Obama more good in the Senate than in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong resident of the socialist, welfare, and flat broke State of New York, I hope the dude takes her in. We would love to share her with the rest of the country. Maybe then we will get a Senator who would do something for the taxpaying citizens of New York State.

And David if you think that woman is good and/or competent, well we have almost 8 years experience on that fairy tale.

Phil H.

Anonymous said...

Want to trade junior Senators - Clinton for Bunning?

Anonymous said...

After Hillary, we'll take anyone.
And if the Big O takes her, all those who voted for him will be witnessing the "CHANGE" he fooled them into believing. He's really shining and I see Putin smiling ready to take the Ukraine & Georgia

Phil H.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous Troll in first comment: Excuse me? When did there get to be a rule that in order to support someone politically you MUST agree with absolutely every action they take?

Oh, right, they installed that one after 9/11. Ptui.

JD Rhoades said...

I thought the "Great Community Organizer" Barry Obama could do no wrong in your eyes.

You must be really fucking stupid, then.

JD Rhoades said...

You wanna know how dumb Phil is? He blames their US Senator for the state being broke.

Budget and taxes are set by the State Gov't, dumbshit. Isn't expecting your Senator to bring back money from the Feds to prop up the state the kind of thing Honorable John campaigned against?

Ya know, I'm not that big a Clinton supporter, but I tend to turn into one when I see the kind of imbeciles that attack her.

Keith Raffel said...

Dusty for counselor to the President!

Fran said...

I'll give you a big shout-out there, Keith! As long as he still has time to write, that is.

I was kinda hoping for Richardson to be Sec. of State (and so was a Republican NM friend of mine who'd love to see him gone; she's a dear but deluded politically), and I see that might yet happen.

I suspect Obama's pretty much had a good idea of how to place Hilary to his advantage and her supporters' delight.

Anonymous said...

As us New Yorkers know, on EVERY campaign promise Hillary ran on, she never delivered. She came to NY and used the platform as NY Senator just to get exposure to run for president. We lived it here Dustball, Hillary is about Hillary, she is not about representing her constituents.

Let Mr. Change take her and then guys like you can enjoy both of them defending American interests on the world stage.

Your blog is too narrow minded, try to be more objective.

Adios, Phil H.

L.J. Sellers said...

It'll never happen, but I like Fareed Zakaria for secretary of state.

Gerard Saylor said...

Is Phil H. the Phil guy who runs

[after checking online] I suppose not, that is a Phil E.