Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today's the Day

And a reminder, once again of why this election is so important.

Comments from FreeRepublic.com on the death of Barack Obama's grandmother:

Nice timing. That’ll pick up a few sympathy votes for sure.

Cancer patients usually pass away from a planned terminal sedation.
This may be the first politically timed terminal sedation ever, though.

I'm wondering if factcheck.org is going to publish an obviously Photoshopped death certificate to prove Grandma really died today...

Since he is the messiah, can’t he raise her from the dead?

hawaii trip was prob for funeral and get birth certificate from the attic...

And the Republican party is filing a complaint, on the day of her death, that that Obama's visit to his grandmother to see her before she died was an illegal use of campaign funds.

As opposed to:

You know what to do.


pattinase (abbott) said...

How can these people live with themselves? I know I can't live with them.

Mark Terry said...

"Cancer patients usually die from a planned terminal sedation."????????

Oh, wouldn't we like to see some statistics to support that statement and wouldn't we like to see the criminal investigations afterward.


Anonymous said...

Dusty, thank you SO much for the link to the video. Hope is always better than hate, and inspiration is needed first, so that solutions to problems can be found. It's so obvious who is inspiring hope and who is using hate. I've already voted, and so have many of my friends, but I can't wait to share this video with them. The smiles and tears of joy will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That video stunk. I did not find it uplifting, I found it annoying. If they really wanted to inspire they would have focused entirely on Scarlet Johannsen and had her jumping on a trampoline for five minutes while they filmed it.

No lines at the polls today for me. The city clerk said there were 250 in the first hour. There have been a lot of people already voting early and sending in absentee ballots.

Anonymous said...

Freepers: like the worst gym class you ever had... forever.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think they can't sink any lower - they do. This current crop of Republicans has really perverted conservativism into something unrecognizable as a coherent political philosophy.

Anonymous said...

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