Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Which I, a Manly Man, Read the Ultimate Chick Book

Blogging about my experience reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE today at Murderati. C'mon over.

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charlie stella said...

Books shmooks … Ralph Nader fans want to know: where’s all the Democratic glee at Republicans tripping over their tongues?

Where’s the war hoops now that the DOW has about faced from last week and we set new record unemployment figures?

Obambi was hilarious (I thought) at the correspondence dinner (so was Wanda Sykes, but she’s always funny), but … but … but is there no glee in Mudville now that the stats aren’t upbeat?

I speak of course of days 114-116 of the Obama Presidency …

On Day 115 of the Obama Presidency/Change We Can Believe In and/or Voted For we had this:

Government says 637,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. Continuing claims at all-time high for 15th week in a row.

Yesterday (day 114) the Democratic controlled Senate passed on restricting Banks from loan sharking through credit cards. So glad they’re changing how business is done in America.

We’re still in both Iraq & Afghanistan.

Obama sides with Bush against the ACLU … again. Even though I agree with this, it sure doesn’t seem like change to me.

We already know he’s not the “land raper” Bush is (but it’s probably best not to bring that up to the polar bear fans).

Of course there’s the wiretapping issue, too … the economic policy of bailing out banks who then return the favor by raising internal management salaries while laying off workers and then refusing to budge on usurious credit card rates.

Those were yesterday and the day before … today, day 116 of the Messiah’s saving of the nation state, GM says it is notifying 1,100 dealers that it will end their contracts with the automaker. That should do wonders for the unemployment figures next month. More bailout money well spent.

Ralph in 2012 ... that is if you really want change.