Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Ain't Talking About Barney Fife Here

The "geopolitical intelligence" website STRATFOR  gets past all the fearmongering and looks at the resources the New York City Federal Courts and the City itself already have  in place for security during what will inevitably become known as the "Gitmo Five" trial.

Remember, they've dealt with terrorist trials before, not to mention high profile Mafia trials. And also remember, as others have pointed out, the people we're dealing with aren't  Magneto and The Joker.

Thanks to Randy Ellison for the link.

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Dana King said...

This is only a big deal now because of how it was mishandled from Day One. Terrorism is a law enforcement problem. Treat them like any other ongoing criminal enterprise (RICO statutes, confiscation of funds and property, long sentences without parole) and their operations would be crippled, and we wouldn't have created so many martyrs to use in al-Qaeda recruiting posters.