Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's the Next Logical Step

Fox Hires Fake Obama to Debate Presidential Candidates - Gawker

Well, why not? Right wingers (and some leftists) have been debating for years with an imaginary Obama who exists only in their imaginations.

"Obama said he was going to bring all the troops home!" No, he said he was going to up troop levels in Afghanistan and draw down in Iraq. Which he's in the process of doing.

"Obama is full of anti-white rage!" Yeah, right.

"Obama should know that Marxism doesn't work!" Which is why he's not a Marxist.

"I don't want me or my special needs son to have to appear in front of Obama's Death Panel!" Good for you. There ain't no such animal, and never was.

And so on.

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Anonymous said...

Why? Because a majority of Fox viewers won't know the difference between this guy and the real deal. And given that they're Fox viewers, they probably don't care. Reality? Who needs that?

I was hoping, though, that they might go the whole hog and pull in a real Obama from a parallel universe of their liking (Mirror Universe from "Star Trek", or more likely Bizarro-World from DC Comics "Superman") - they're most of the way there, they just to think REALLY crazy for a bit...