Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the Day: On the Use of the Term "Political Correctness"

Writer Steven Hart, on Facebook:  

  I'm old enough to remember that "PC" began as an ironic joke among leftie academics. The wingers took it up as a cudgel, and now the  term is useless except as a signal of low-to-zero IQ on the part of the user. When it crops up, like the phrase "I'm really a classical liberal" or  "I'm a student of history," it's a warning that a tandem-trailer load of bullshit is about to come up your driveway..

Amen, brother. I don't de-friend or ban  people for disagreeing with me. However, if you insist that people are disagreeing with you because of 'political correctness", you're on the short list to go in the Bozo Bin. It's condescending, dismissive and lazy. Any time someone starts a sentence with "I know it's not PC to say this," you can bet that what  follows will be some sort of ill-thought-out, racist, and/or bigoted garbage. Frankly, if the words "political correctness" or the letters "PC" crop up in your argument, I'm going to assume you're a non-sentient jagoff until proven otherwise.  


freshwebmedia said...

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Celine said...

Hey Dusty, you've got a spammer @ comment #1!

Aside from that, I do enjoy turning the "Political Correctness" argument around on people who are parroting Fox News talking points. As in, "When you can come up with something more than Politically Correct arguments, get back to me."