Monday, December 10, 2012

Question For My Loyal Blog Readers

From the blog comments today: "you are either delusional or watching too much of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow."

Here's my question: Why do these idiots assume that everyone who doesn't buy into their "everyone's trying to mooch off me" worldview watches Rachel Maddow all the time? I get this already-worn-out cliche from one wingnut or another at least once a week. It really is a weird obsession they have with her.

For the record, I don't watch her show,  because I don't watch a whole lot of TV, period.

WTF does this even mean "You watch too much Rachel Maddow (or, for the truly hateful and misognyistic wingnuts, "Rachel Madd-cow")? Do they just assume that everything she says is wrong? And if so, based on what? Have you even seen the damn show?

 It's just another one of those meaningless shibboleths right wingers post when they can't think of anything intelligent to say. Here's a hint: If all you've got to offer is some off-topic crack about watching Rachel Maddow, I will immediately assume you're a blithering idiot with nothing to contribute to the discussion except dumb-ass cliches.


Kelly Robinson said...

Simple: I think that because they don't have any ideas of their own, they assume no one does.

Randy Johnson said...

I watch her show occasionally and I have been a registered Republican for forty-five years. I can't even remember the last time I voted Republican on a Presidential election. Increasingly disturbed by the wingnuts taking over the party and the butt kissing of the rest to get their votes, I often think of becoming an independent at the advanced age of sixty-three.

Dana King said...

The far right has three arguments:
1. Because I don't want to.
2. Because I want to.
#. Squirrel!!!! (To change the topic.)

The Rachel Maddow references fall into Category 3.

Rob Cornell said...

It's simple really. Rachel Maddow falls into a perfect trifecta of things Republicans hate: She's 1)a woman 2)openly gay and 3)intelligent.

Frankly, I think they find her intimidating, and it bugs the hell out of them that a great deal of what she talks about is well researched and not as full of wind as their own sacred cow (sorry), Rush Limbaugh.

Celine said...

Rachel Maddow has been debunking Republican claims (with facts) for the last decade. Of course she's the Great Satan for those in the Fox echo chamber! They can't debunk her successfully because she and her facts are in the reality-based world, so they have to turn her name into a cussword instead.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

It seems to me that every time I've watched Rachel Maddow, she has had a nuanced argument backed by facts. Something you don't see on any show on Fox News, which seems to be the network these people love.

That's my take anyway. But I generally avoid television.

Donna said...

She's an intelligent person with a law degree, you're an intelligent person with a law degree, res ipsa loquitur , n'est-ce pas?

Deb said...

If all you ever watched was Fox News, if all you ever listened to was right-wing talk radio, if the only places you went to on the Internet were Drudge and World News Daily, then you too would be in the endless feedback loop of the hermetically-sealed right-wing echo chamber and you too would be incapable of any logical thought process and your only reaction to anything you perceived as being against your notion of "truth" would be anger and puerile insults ("MADD-COW"--really? What are they--ten years old?).

Charlieopera said...

All of the above said, one has to wonder of Rachel Maddow will ignore Obama's gift to HSBC's Money Laundering scam (no prosecutions) they way she ignored his ignoring pretty much everything else that supports the middle class (unions immediately float to the top of the list). He's made it clear there are two sets of rules and the entire media, left and right, seems perfectly fine with it.

This was the last straw for me. He's President Fredo all over again.