Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm Thinking of Changing My Day Job Body-parts trade lightly regulated

This is an industry anybody can get into, and there are bodies out there that are not being watched. We would expect our federal government to do more.'

The only requirement to harvest tissues destined for transplant is to fill out and submit an FDA registration form, which takes about five minutes online. A registration letter comes in the mail in about eight weeks, and there are no federal inspections for two years.

Prices for fresh frozen tissue parts vary. But according to industry expert Annie Cheney, an elbow goes for $350 to $850, a hand for $350 to $850 and a whole cadaver for $4,000 to $5,000.


John Rickards said...

But... who the hell buys an elbow? I mean, really. Of all the things to shop for in the body parts market...

Unless they're mistakenly bought by idiots who got them confused with arses, of course.

For The Trees said...

I found this post to be part and parcel of the embodiment of the usual Federal oversight. Corpus delecti.

Now where do I get a couple of cadavers? I could use a quick $10,000...

I need a stiff one...make it a triple.