Friday, June 22, 2007

Giuliani: The Law and Order Candidate

Wonkette: Let’s hear it for today’s living proof of a thousand ghetto conspiracy theories: South Carolina state treasurer Thomas Ravenel (R-Whitey) has been indicted by a grand jury for running a crack-cocaine distribution business. Oh, and “alleged” coke-dealer Ravenel is, obviously, South Carolina chairman of Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign.

You remember Rudy: the guy who wants to do to America what his cops did to Abner Louima.

So let's see, that's Duke Cunningham pled out, Jack Abramoff pled out, Former White House Aide Claude Allen pled out, Scooter Libby convicted, David Safavian convicted, Bob Ney convicted, Bob Taft convicted, DeLay still under indictment, Dusty Foggo indicted, and that's just the major players...a fuller list here.

And on the Dem side we have...William Jefferson, Indicted.

Sandy Berger, pled to misdemeanor.



PBH said...

Rudy Giuliani or Vampire?

Jim Winter said...

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty, why would you include Bob Taft in any listing of either party's fallen angels?

For starters, in eight years as governor, Taft failed to do what all governors of Ohio did before him:

Show a pulse.

Second, in terms of convictions, he was busted for the ethics equivalent of a parking ticket.

Now, if ya really want some great freakin' entertainment out of Bob Taft, ask him about how your state, too, can invest its worker comp fund in rare coins.

Which, I believe, is the type of investment you usually hear guys like JJ Walker and Ron "Horshack" Pallilo mention when answeting the question, "So where'd all your money go?"

I understand Screech and MC Hammer had similar investments. You'd think Bob would know better.

Then again, he is the grandson of the most reluctant president in US history.

But mostly, Bob is boring. Even his criminal record is boring. Nixon is spinning in his grave going "Come on! A fifth rate burglary, at least. Make a fucking effort! Stupid Yale guys."